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25th July - 9th Sept 2012, Royal Greenwich District Scouts Activity Centre in New Eltham

This event was organised by the Cray Valley Radio Society.
More information is on the 2O12L website here.

On Sunday 22nd July, I drove down from Saffron Walden to Eltham with the trailer mast, and a Yaesu FT450D, on loan from CDXC. I picked up Marco CU3DJ on the way, new to the UK and a new guest operator.

Here are some photos of the preparation for the contest.

The towers and Union Jack, backlit by the setting sun.

Dave G4BUO climbing the rigging.

Upshot, the new name in trailer masts.

The ground in Eltham was waterlogged so we looked at alternative masts.

This little 40ft tower from Plextek would not sink into the mud so much.

Arrival on site, it was very soft and wet on the field.

Early in the setup phase.

Putting the Ham-V rotator cage on top of the tower.

Dave fitting the mast clamp.

Starting to take shape. The neighbours had been given advanced warning.

Stacking Yagis. Marco CU3DJ is nearest the camera.

The Plextek 40ft trailer mast, with the Eltham Scouts Clubhouse in the background.

The tower is distorted and won't drop into the locking slot, without some gentle persuasion.

This tower had fallen once, and had sections replaced, so it's not as good as new.

This is another tower showing V-guides.

Dave up the mast.

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