CQ-M International DX Contest, 1999

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CQ-M "Peace to the World" Contest, 8-9th May 1999

This was the first time I entered a contest from home, running 400W for a 24 hour contest. I asked my neighbours to tell me of any signs of interference. Only one problem was reported which was a slight audio breakthrough on a neighbour's telephone. That was sorted out with a ferrite ring on the incoming line.

I used my FT1000MP, Colin's FL2100Z linear amplifier and a 50ft vertical dipole. For the first time I used a homebrew voice keyer and was pleased to be able to run high power without any of the usual RF interference to the sound card or PC keyboard or monitor.

The call used was G4AXX and the category was single-operator, single-band (20m). The logger was TR and the final log was 127 QSOs, 41 countries and a final score of 11,726.

I found this contest quite slow going and on Sunday I had to hunt dx that wasn't in the contest to get the country totals up. It was great fun and I was the top UK entrant and 7th in the world rankings.

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I took over my daughter Julia's bedroom for the contest.

The rest of the family could get to sleep while I worked 20m through the night.

It was a rare pleasure contesting from home, so much less to prepare.

The winning certificate.

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