CQWW SSB Contest 2003

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CQWW SSB Contest, 30th-31st Oct 2003

I operated this contest from home and made an attempt to beat the previous Low-Power record. I only operated for 13 hours of the 48 and easily overtook it.

Here are my soapbox comments.

BTW, we didn't have to wait till 2009 to operate 7.1 to 7.2, we got it in October 2004!

I hadn't planned to enter CQWW this year but as the great event approached I just
couldn't resist. 

With no other plans, I operated from home. The boys were away from home (it's half term)
so my lovely wife and daughter looked after me, what a great family ! 

Highlights were JA and Gambia in the grey-line on Sunday afternoon. I was really 
surprised what I could work with the barefoot MP & a G5RV 

Finishing off the contest working a string of W's split was a real pleasure. 
The W's were armchair copy in a perfectly quiet band. Here's to 2009 when we'll 
be able to work up to 7.200. 

Interestingly SSB doesn't go below 7.045 during the day, but at night SSB stations
go down, right down, to 7.003 and there's very little CW. I'm sure it won't be like
that in a months time. 

I heard a few Eu stations calling between 7.100 & 7.300, but not for long, darn 
those pesky A/B switches! 

40m in Eu is not for the faint-hearted. I used 2 x 1.8 kHz filters nearly all 
the time with shift and width adjusted just so. 

Again I was impressed just what a superb SSB rig the MP is, a joy to operate. 

Call M4R (Op G4AXX) 
QTH Saffron Walden, Essex 
Band 40m 
Score 14,336 
QSO 188 
ZN 10 
DX 54 

Time on 13:06 
Writelog 10.40J 
FT1000MP, Heil ProSet with HC5 
G5RV inverted V 12.5m at the apex. 

See you all at the HFC this weekend. 

Click on a thumbnail below to see the picture.

Julia (9) listening to recorded WAV files.

I came 1st in England in this category, here are the results.

Here's the certificate from CQ magazine.

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