CQWW SSB Contest 2004

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30th-31st Oct 2004, Cambridge University Wireless Society shack, TL 415 597

This was the second combined club effort by CUWS and the Granta Contest Group. On Friday morning during setup Martin G3ZAY phoned me to ask if I had a 4m yagi, the one at the shack had fallen off the tower. Fortunately I have two contest-ready 4m yagis for the packet system, so I got one of them out of the loft, and packed it in the car with the rest of the equipment.

The Plextek trailer-mast was use to support Martin's XM240 at 85ft. The two CUWS towers were fitted with an A3S and a TH5, on 80m we had Andy's 3 80m slopers with 120 degree direction switching, and on 160m we had a dipole. The equipment was 2 FT1000MPs, TL922 & Quadra linears, Dunestar filters and laptops running Writelog.

Propagation was excellent over the weekend. We came 3rd place in England. Here are Dominic's soapbox comments.

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 

Call: M4A 
Station: G6UW 

Class: M/S HP 
QTH: Cambridge, England 
Operating Time (hrs): 48 

Band   QSOs Zones Countries 
160:    183   9  51 
 80:    545  17  67 
 40:    460  27 102 
 20:    597  33 117 
 15:    789  31 124 
 10:    574  33 136 
Total: 3148 150 597 Total Score = 4,667,256 



The Cambridge University Wireless Society (G6UW / M4A) joined forces with 
the Granta Contest Group (M0CAM / M4R) for this multi-single operation. 
For once we were reasonably well prepared but Murphy still struck by 
occasionally disconnecting our local node from the rest of the DX Cluster
network. It was especially hard to make full use of the multiplier station
with no spots for a total of about 12 hours, including 1900 UTC on the 
Sunday through to the end of the contest. 

We ought to have been able to reach 5 million points with a constant 
connection. Apart from that, we found conditions were a lot better 
than expected, especially on 10m, and run rates were often quite high. 

Thanks to everyone who worked us. 

Equipment (run): FT-1000MP, TL-922, TH5, Dunestar filters 
Equipment (mult): FT-1000MP, Quadra, A3S, Dunestar filters 
Equipment (shared): 2el 40m beam, array of 3 80m dipoles, 160m dipole. 

Operators for CUWS: G3ZAY, M0BLF*, M0TDG* 
For Granta Contest Group: G4AXX, G4EAG, G4JVG, G4KNO 
Guest Operator: M0TAO/DJ9AO* 
(* - Member of WWYC) 

Click on a thumbnail below to see the picture.

The site from the main road.

(Left to right) XM240, TH5, A3S & 4m packet.

The TH5.

The Plextek trailer mast.

The mobile shack.

The XM240.

We have to site the trailer-mast to use whatever guying points are available.

The XM240 with the TH5 in the background, looking East.

The three towers (sorry Tolkien). The two cables arcing down to the tower are two of the three 80m feeders.

The trailer-mast with the shack in the background.


Worm's eye view.

We used this six-pack as a remote direction switch for the 80m slopers.

Guys on a gate post.

A3S & 4m with migrating birds.

As above but even better.

Simon G4EAG & Steve G4JVG.


Simon G4EAG.

Steve G4JVG & Oliver M0TAO/DJ9AO.

Oliver M0TAO/DJ9AO.

Steve G4JVG.

Dismantling the station on Monday morning.

The winch battery was flat so we used the Range Rover & some jump leads to power the winch.

Packing away the guys, tidy for next time.

Removing the cables & guys.

The Range Rover with the shack in the background.

Removing the Ham-V rotator.

We used a 12ft extension pole to support the boom truss.

Packing the Range Rover.

Martin & Dominic rolling up the coax.

Nearly ready to leave.

The results, 3rd in G.

The certificate from CQ magazine.

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