CQWW CW Contest 2005

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26th-27th Nov 2005, Nottingham, SK 623 343

I had planned to operate the CQWW SSB contest this year from Cambridge with M4A. However that didn't materialise due to a very busy week at GB200T the week before the SSB contest. So this year I set sights on my first major CW contest. To get my speed up I practiced in the OK/OM & LZ Dx Contests in the two weekends before CQWW.

At first I was going to operate from home, but after a few emails asking Chris G3SJJ for advice, he invited me to join him and Dick GU4CHY for a multi-single entry from his station near Nottingham.

Here's the summary.

     2005 CQWW CW Score Summary Sheet

      Start Date : 2005-11-25

   CallSign Used : G8D
     Operator(s) : G3SJJ GU4CHY G4AXX

            Band : ALL
           Power : HIGH
            Mode : CW
        Exchange : 14 

            Name : Chris Burbanks
         Address : 16 Cotgrave Road
  City/State/Zip : Nottingham NG12 5NX
         Country : England

    ARRL Section : DX
       Club/Team :  
         Software: N1MM Logger V5.11.2

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   ZN
         1.8     270    357   52   11
         3.5     601   1004   75   19
           7     388    657  109   28
          14    1096   2521   92   30
          21     184    341   73   23
       Total    2539   4880  401  111

           Score : 2,498,560
             Rig : FT1000MP x 2, Acom 1000, HB 4CX1000

        Antennas : A4S, 2 Phased GP for 40m, 80 GP, 160m dipole
Click on a thumbnail below to see the picture.

Dick (L) on Run, Chris (R) on Mult.

A view down the 125m-long garden.

The 40m diamond loop, the multiplier station antenna.

The A4S with 160m dipole at the top of the tower.

The A4S.

The antenna switch box at the base of the tower.

40m phased verticals and 80m GP.

The multiplier station with homebrew 4CX1000A foot warmer.

Dick defending the frequency, building the score.

Mark (L) on Mult, Chris (R) on Run.

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