CQWW SSB Contest 2007

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27th-28th Oct 2007, Nottingham, SK 623 343

Chris G3SJJ invited me to join him for this contest, along with Mark M3CNG and Dave G3ZQH. Unfortunately Mark got the flu in the week leading up to the contest and had to pull out. I joined Dave and Chris on the Sunday and we had a relaxed day working away on the bands.

Chris had hoped to have his new K3 for the contest, but it was not to be. Dave provided his recently acquired FT1000MP. I lent Chris my 15m 3 ele yagi (exchanged at HFC two weeks earlier), so we could look for mults on 15m. Conditions were good on 15 so this worked pretty well.

Here's the summary.

        Band    QSOs    Pts     Cty   ZN
         1.8       1       1      1    1
         3.5     162     211     59   13
           7      37      63     21    8
          14     457     705     77   20
          21     421     708     85   21
          28     235     258     44    9
       Total    1313    1946    287   72
            Call : G8D
           Score : 698,614
        Logger   : N1MM
        Equipment: 2 x FT1000MP, Acom 1000
        Antennas : A4S, 15m 3 ele monobander, 
        	   2 Phased GP for 40m, 80m GP, 
        	   160m dipole

Click on a thumbnail below to see the picture.

A view down the 125m-long garden.

My 3 ele 15m yagi on a 40ft temporary mast.

The new summer-house which would have been our shack if it had been warmer

The A4S

My yagi with a bent reflector

The A4S, with a delta loop beneath it

The A4S again

The 80m GP

Beautiful Autumn foliage and dramatic sky after a weather front blew through

Handraulic rotator on the temporary mast

Chris, "Now, how do we cure this RF feedback on 40?"

Chris & Dave lowering the temporary mast

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