CQWW SSB Contest 2009

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24th-25th Oct 2009, Cambridge University Wireless Society shack

On the evening of Thursday 22nd Oct I took the Plextek trailer mast up to the Cambridge University Wireless Society for the contest.

There was a good team spirit this year. A good run on 40m on Sunday afternoon was mostly Eu with a steady flow of JA, VK & Pacific calling in. Very enjoyable!

Here are the soapbox comments, (by Dominic M0BLF).

                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: M4A
Operator(s): 2E0WNT, G3ZAY, G4EAG, G4AXX, G7VJR, M0BLF, 

Station: G6UW

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Cambridge, UK
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   70    11       50
   80:  738    18       89
   40:  822    34      117
   20: 1486    34      120
   15:  387    34      121
   10:   63    16       61
Total: 3566   147      558  Total Score = 4,586,025



The annual entry in CQ WW from M4A (Cambridge University) has two aims:
to improve our score from the previous year and to indroduce new students
to contesting (hence our very long operator list!).

Both of these objectives were fulfilled yet again in 2009, so it was a 
successful contest for us. There were no major problems this year, 
although we were hindered by a lack of aerials which meant that we 
could not have the radios on 15m and 10m at the same time. 
Thanks to all who contacted us.

Click on a thumbnail below to see the picture.

Simon G4EAG helped put up the tower (animated).

Laying out the 4-element 20m beam

Simon G4EAG, Rob M0VFC & Martin G3ZAY assembling the beam.

Filing out the elements to make an easier fit.

The bolts for the mast-boom clamp were too short, so Martin went to Mackays in Cambridge to get some longer ones.

Meanwhile Rob put up the 160m dipole.

Work resumed when we had the right bolts.

Martin taping a boom joint.

The tower was luffed up a little, to fit the element end-pieces.

A tractor coming down the lane.

Rob fits the elements.

Martin & Tom, 2E0WNT, look on.

The tower goes up.

Near vertical it can be winched up with one finger.


ready to cut through the pile-ups.

The shack, next year we may have a new one.

Out in the field the 40m four-square and 80m phased-array.

The towers framed by trees.

Hugo M0HSW & Simon G4EAG focussing.

Fresh coffee from this machine!

Tear-down on Monday morning.

Martin disassembles the beam.

The guys, wrapped up.

The cables need coiling up.

The trailer mast is positioned relative to the drainage grate. It has a voracious appetite for wayward nuts & bolts!

The rotator & cables.

The barn wall to which one set of guys is fixed.

The empty site.

Ready to leave.

Land Rover Discovery & Strumech M100.

Rob packing away the 80m vertical guys.

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