CQWW SSB Contest 2011

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29-30th Oct 2011, Cambridge University Wireless Society shack

After T32C I had just recovered from jet-lag, so I decided to ask Martin at the last minute for a slot. I operated 15 & 40m from 1930 to 2200z on Sunday and had some good runs.

Here are the soapbox comments, (by Dominic M0BLF).

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: M4A
Operator(s): G3ZAY, G4AXX, G4EAG, M0BLF, M0DEG, M0HSW, M0LRB, M0NCG, 
Station: G6UW

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   79     5       34
   80:  414    18       75
   40:  871    28      100
   20:  682    38      118
   15: 1760    36      113
   10: 1595    39      138
Total: 5401   164      598  Total Score = 8,995,410



Wow, what a fantastic contest! Thanks to the solar cycle for making 15m and 10m
so much better than in recent years, and to everyone who had QSOs with us. We
set the English M/2 country record at 5.1M points just last year, and so it's
especially great to be claiming such a substantially larger score in 2011.

On the other hand, we were a little disappointed with our performance on the
low bands and we are already planning a four-square to replace the pair of
phased verticals that we use on 80m.  

As usual, we were pleased to welcome a number of new, young operators to the
Cambridge University Wireless Society team. As I say each year, introducing new
students to contesting is one of our primary objectives, so thanks to everyone
who was patient with us if one of our ops was struggling to copy you.

The CUWS shack cannot be permanently set-up for contesting, and so most of our
equipment and antennas are installed only a few hours before the contest. This
takes quite a lot of organisation and additional thanks therefore go to
everyone who helped us and lent us equipment for the weekend.

Posted using 3830 Score Submittal Forms at: http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/

Here are some photos of the evening. tr>



The call-sign in case I start calling "Tango Thirty Two Charlie" by mistake.

Comparing last years rate with this years.

Here's the wallpaper from CQ magazine.

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