CQWW SSB Contest 2012

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27-28th Oct 2012, Cambridge University Wireless Society shack

This year we operated M2 again. Our scoring rate dropped dramatically on Sunday afternoon. This triggered a big debate the following week. Was it caused by an X-ray flare, or Hurricane Sandy hitting the US East coast, or a combination of both?

Here are the soapbox comments, (by Dominic M0BLF).

Call: M4A
Operator(s): G3ZAY, G4AXX, G4EAG, G4KNO, G7VJR, M0BLF, M0DEG, M0GXM, M0HSW, 
Station: G6UW

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Cambridge, UK
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   96     6       42
   80:  874    19       78
   40:  750    28      102
   20:  711    30      101
   15: 1591    33      118
   10: 1180    36      124
Total: 5202   152      565  Total Score = 7,377,213



The annual Cambridge University Wireless Society entry in CQWW DX SSB is our
biggest event of the year. We use it as an opportunity to show contesting to
our latest recruits, many of whom are current students, whilst also inviting
some recent graduates and supporters back to help us achieve a respectable
This year was a very odd contest for us: Saturday saw fantastic conditions, and
at one point we were 600k points up on our score from the same time last year.
On Sunday, however, we found the bands much more flat, which meant that we lost
a lot of ground, eventually finishing 1.6M points lower than last year's claimed
Antennas were much the same as in previous years, but we used K3s instead of
the FT-1000MPs we have used in the past. This was a great success, and the
diversity feature was especially appreciated on the lower bands. 
Despite not managing to beat the English M2 record that we set last year, all
seventeen operators had a great time during the weekend. Thanks for the QSOs.

Here are some photos of the preparation for the contest.

Fitting the elements of the 20m monobander, Martin G3ZAY with Michael M0GXM up the ladder.

William M0ZXA winching up the 20m monobader.

Starting Flossie's pump-up mast for the 80m dipole.

Dom M0BLF in Flossie.

Comparing last year's rate with this year.

The difference between 2011 and 2012 showing the rapid change in conditions on Sunday evening.

Sunday morning's X-ray flare.

Here's the certificate from CQ magazine, we came 2nd in England. The winners were the Stockport Radio Society.

G5O 7,583,751 5553 145 534
M4A 6,823,872 5117 148 556

Here's some video of the setting the antennas.

William M0ZXA winching up the 20m mast.

Dom in Flossie, the van used by the Camb-Hams Group (of the 6m Human Beam fame).

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