CQWW SSB Contest 2015

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24-25th October 2015, Nicosia Cyprus

I was invited to join the Nicosia Contest Group for this event by Stavros 5B4AFM.

Here’s the summary of the contest from 3830.
Call: C4A
Operator(s): 5B4AFM 5B4AHZ 5B4KH 5B4MF 5B4ZN G4AXX 
Station: C4A

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Nicosia
Operating Time (hrs): 48 
Location: Asia

Band    QSOs  Zones  Countries
160:      99      8      44
80:      493     15      72
40:     1414     32     114
20:     2087     37     147
15:     2235     38     136
10:     2574     36     155
Total:  8903    166     668      Claimed Score 21,237,810
Club: Nicosia Contest Group

We had a great weekend playing radio and enjoying some good rates on the bands.

The weather conditions leading up to the contest were excellent but during the
contest we experienced strong winds and thunder storms that increased the noise
level on the bands and left us with a failed 80m 4-square antenna array only
hours into the contest. All four verticals failed and we ended up using our
backup dipole for the remainder of the contest. 

Special thanks to our guest op, Mark (G4AXX), for joining our team this year
and for helping us keep the rates up! 

FT-1000MPs, 2x ACOM 1000, 
C-31XR@15m (10/15/20), OB6-3M@6m (10/15/20), 40-2CD@17m (40), 80m four square
(for a few hours),  dipoles for 80/160 + 180m long wire Beverages in two
directions (320deg, 80deg)

Click or tap on a thumbnail to open a photo.

We came 1st in Asia, 4th in the World, and set a new record for Cyprus.
Our final adjudicated score was 20,307,184.

The station is on a hilltop south of Nicosia.

Nestor 5B4AHZ connecting the generator.

Stavros 5B4AFM connecting a ground to the generator.

The shack with water supply, toilet, solar power and microwave WiFi link.

The 80m 4-square.

On Friday afternoon before the contest we measured the power into the splitter dummy load and found a perfect null in the centre of 80m. We were really looking forward to enjoying 80 with this great antenna.

George 5B4KH about to unwind a feeder on the cable unwinding tool.

The C-31XR at 15m.

The 40-2CD at 17m.

Spyros 5B4MF and I ran out 3 long Beverages.

In rapidly fading light we erect a Optibeam OB6-3M on a 6m pole.

It was turned with a ground-mounted Prosistel big-boy rotator.

Inside the shack. Time to install the latest version of Wintest and the latest country files.

We operated M/2 in two teams. Stavros 5B4AFM and Mark G4AXX in one team, Nestor 5B4AHZ, Spyros 5B4MF and George 5B4KH in the other. We operated in 5-hour cycles. A 5-hour break is enough to get 2 cycles of REM sleep, food and a shower between shifts.

Nestor 5B4AHZ and George 5B4KH building the score. The C-31XR was usually left pointing NW in a straight line through EU to the US where 90% of the Qs come from. The Optibeam OB6-3M was useful especially when 15m opened on Saturday morning to work East and follow the sun. Despite the 6m height it was on the edge of a cliff and was very effective at running Japan and the Pacific.

Spyros 5B4MF on 40m. The 40-2CD and three Beverages was a super combination. Many callers could not be heard on the beam but were Q5 on a Beverage.

Just before sunrise on Saturday morning there was a violent storm, and we lost the 80m 4-square. This was the awful sight when the sun rose.

Movie of George working the States (32.6MB).

Stavros & I handed over at the 44th hour after high rate runs on 15, 20 & 40m, and sweeping up the mults, it was exhilarating! This was the state of play 4 hours before the end of the contest, just short of 20 million.

Here is the rate curve showing the top rate at 330 per hour on Saturday morning. The highest rate on Sunday wasn't quite as high.

Here are the top 10 Multi-2 final scores, C4A sitting at world 4th.

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