CQWW SSB Contest 2017

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28-29th October 2017, Nicosia Cyprus

I joined up with the Nicosia Contest Group again for this event.

Here’s the raw unedited summary at the end of the contest.
Call: C4A
Operator(s): 5B4AFM 5B4AHZ 5B4ALS 5B4KH 5B4MF 5B4ZN G4AXX 

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Nicosia
Operating Time: 48 

Band    QSOs  Zones  Countries
160:      53      8      48
80:      164     15      76
40:      914     28     111
20:     1362     38     132
15:     2228     36     124
10:      361     24      82
Total:  5082    149     573      Total Score 10,456,004
Club: Nicosia Contest Group

Conditions were poor for the contest.
We were mostly running to EU and AS with very poor runs to NA and SA and a few OC.
3x FT-1000MP, 2x ACOM 1000, C-31XR@15m (10/15/20), TA33@6m (10/15/20), 
40-2CD@17m (40), 80m dipole and vertical. 160m dipole. 
Rx antennas, K9AY and 180m long wire Beverage at 320 degrees.

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I stayed at an AirBNB house in Latsia in southern Nicosia.

Foti Pitta 33, Latsia, Nicosia. Easy access to the motorway, shops, petrol and the city.

Precious rain in a dry country.

The station with the 40-2CD in the foreground.

Philip 5B4ZN and I put up a K9AY receiving antenna.

The K9AY turned out to be a very noisy rx antenna even though it was in an ideal remote rural location. S9 noise level compared to S0 on the C-31XR after 15m had closed! We could not explain this even though we carefully adjusted the load resistances and tested all the directions many times. Maybe generator noise coupled to the loops by the CAT5 and coax screen?

The C-31XR at sunset.

Before the contest we noticed the rotator for the 40-2CD was behaving strangely.

Nestor 5B4AHZ discovered the cable had been chafing on the tower in the wind.

This caused the rotator to be uncontrollable.

Nestor repairing the cable on Saturday morning.

The rented generator.

Philip 5B4ZN (L) and Spyros 5B4MF (R) fill the generator.

Stavros 5B4AFM on the Run station.

On Monday morning Spyros 5B4MF and I took down the Beverage.

The station in early morning light.

The Summary window at the end of the contest.

The Statistics window at the end of the contest.

The road up to the station is only suitable for 4-wheel drive vehicles. So ops with cars not suitable wait in the car park of the nearby Daytona go-karting centre for a lift. While waiting we can watch the races. (Movie 33 Mb)

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