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17th - 24th October 2005. Special-event station GB200T, celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

I was invited to join up with the Cray Valley Radio Society by Dave G4BUO. As before, with M2000A and GB50, I became a temporary member of the CVRS, that way we were all covered by public liability insurance.

Another great thing about CVRS membership is that you get lots of invitations to the pub.

There are lots of photos on the official website at www.gb200t.com, here are some others.
All photographs © National Maritime Museum.

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The station was set up in the e-library of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Dave's tower was carefully set up on the lawn, the coax cables were fed along the colonnade and in through a window.

The view along the colonnade with the Caird library at the end.
The tower was up at 65ft, on HF we had -
Hy-Gain TH5 Yagi for 10-15-20m
12m sloping dipole
17m fullwave loop
30m inverted V dipole
40m inverted V dipole
80m broadband inverted V dipole

On VHF we had -
2m Tonna 9-element Yagi
2m/70cm vertical colinear
6m crossed dipoles

The view south to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, through the colonnade

Canary Wharf and Docklands

The station set out with a visitors book, gifts and information packs.

(Left to right) John G0KFO (Icom), Ralph M0MYC, Bob M3RCV, Chris G0GKC (Icom) and Tim G4DBL

Justin G4TSH, Simon M3CVN and Tony G0OPB

Mark G4AXX and Dave G4BUO

Mark G4AXX, Mark M0DXR and Simon M3CVN

Richard G3YJW and Mark G4AXX

At night the museum fell silent, but the station carried on

From the Observatory there's a laser lighting up the evening sky, accurately aligned on the Meridian

Cheers Simon! Make mine a Trafalgar!

The staff at the Plume and Feathers, dressed for the occasion

The tower was dressed too, with the 40 international signal flags in the prescribed order. The antennas worked well with solid 59(9) contacts with ZL & VK every day

Nobby G0VJG on HF1

Dave G4BUO with Roy Clare, Director of the National Maritime Museum, preparing to transmit greeting messages

Anna Tribe, the great great great granddaughter of Lord Nelson and Roy Clare at the memorial ceremony

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson (29 September 1748 - 21 October 1805)

The GB200T Award certificate

The GB200T Points certificate

The GB200T Trafalgar certificate

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