GB50 - Windsor castle

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29 May to 9 June, 2002, special-event station GB50. Celebrating the Golden Jubilee at Windsor Castle

We were invited to join the GB50 team by the organising committee. We provided operators and the Plextek M100 trailer mast.

We made four trips in all to Windsor. The first was on Tuesday 28th May, to take the trailer mast through the London rush-hour and squeeze it through the narrow roads and Castle gateways of Windsor. Precision driving was required, and eventually the trailer-mast was stationed at the far end of the North Terrace with a commanding view over the River Thames.

On Saturday 1st June I went down to Windsor with my family and operated on 40m while Jacqui & the children wandered round the state rooms.

The next Saturday Simon G4EAG & I went down to participate in the Jubilee contest. Finally on Monday 10th June I made a 6am start to go and recover the trailer mast from the North Terrace. Quite an exercise, and it was much appreciated by all concerned.

More details are available on the official website at http://www.gb50.com/

Part of the beautiful gardens inside Windsor Castle.

The flags were out . .

. . and there was a party atmosphere in the streets.

The North Gate with Dave G4BUO's tower.

The Plextek tower at the end of the North Terrace.

Julia & David.

The station and exhibition.

Justin G4TSH operating HF1.

Mark (centre) operating 40m.

Guards at the North Terrace Gate, the trailer mast was squeezed through here with millimeters to spare on either side.

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