Haverhill Radio Club Activity Day, 1997

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17th August 1997, Helions Bumpstead, TL652415.

The Haverhill Club had an activity day, just turn up with a rig and have fun.

I took the family and the MP (I'd had it for just 8 weeks and the novelty hadn't worn off), a homebrew ATU and a 2kVA generator.

I was given a long wire, strung high up in a tree, and ground stake to tune up into. I was asked to operate 80m using GX3TGA/P. What a great way to spend a summer afternoon!

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Setting up.

Luke watching the rig, Julia and David watching the camera, hi.

It was nice of the Haverhill folks to give me a table and chair.

My SW Jacqui.

Julia (3) helping with the log.

Some say it's just a hobby, they're wrong.

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