IARU HF Championship 2014

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12-13th July 2014, RSGB HQ station GR2HQ from G0DWV, Norwich.

I went up to Norwich 2 weeks before the contest, 21st June, to help Chris clear tree growth from the 80m 4-square, and build up a second C31XR.

Tree pruning to clear branches off the 80m 4-square (movie).

The new elements were riveted together for the 2nd C31XR.

Applying Graphite-Aluminium paste to the newly riveted element joints. The paste is from Max M0GHQ.

On Friday 11th July, the day before the contest Mike G7TWC and I arrived to assemble the new Yagi and get it on the tower.

The new shack on the left, looking down the garden.

Chris G0DWV assembling the stacked Yagis.

The lower Yagi fixed on the US, the top Yagi rotatable.

The stacked Yagis with the new shack in the background.

Shunt matching on the 20m driven element.

Chris G0DWV & MIke G7TWC raising the tower (movie).

Chris G0DWV & MIke G7TWC.

The Yagis up on Friday evening.

On the Saturday morning before the contest I put together a Stack Match II Plus.

This was to select Top, Bottom or Both Yagis on the tower. It was wired up with CAT5 cable. The 20m, 15m and 10m stubs are on the table.

The 20m SSB station just before the contest.

The Yagis up and tower guyed.

The 80m 4-square is behind the trees.

Chris getting a U-bolt from an old boom-mast plate.

80m CW Jonathan G0DVJ and John G4IRN.

20m SSB Mike G7TWC.

The contest starts.

Mike running on 20m.

We had a problem on Sunday morning when the national network with the other HQ stations went down.

Chris putting in copper pipe earthing bus bars during the contest.

Mike calling CQ without a voice keyer, we never did get it working (movie).

John G4IRN

Mike G7TWC

John G4IRN

Chris running on 20m Sunday morning

Kim G4WUG a Norwich club member arrives.

John keeping daylight 80m going.

Kim G4WUG looks on.

The Behringer 4-channel headphone amp that became very popular after the contest.

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