Islands on the Air Contest, July 2004

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24-25th July 2004, Cambridge University Wireless Society, TL 415 597.

I was invited to join the team at CUWS by Stavros M0BBB. I brought along my MP, so we had a very nice station setup. 2 FT1000MPs, TL922 & Quadra linears, Dunestar filters, with tribanders and dipoles.

Our call was M4A and we made 1588 QSOs, 236 multipliers for a score of 1,886,112 (after a 11.91% UBN correction), putting us 27th in the world rankings.

Operators were Martin G3ZAY, Mark G4AXX, Dominic M0BLF, Danny M0GMT, Tim M0TDG & Mario 5B4WN.

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Dominic M0BLF & Tim M0TDG.

Dominic M0BLF.

Danny M0GMT.

Tim M0TDG.

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