Islands on the Air Contest, July 1998

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IOTA, Multi-Operator, 25-26th July 1998.

Following on from WPX earlier in the year we used the same site and antennas except this time, 15m elements were added to the 3-element beam to make a 5-element dual-bander.

Unfortunately the linear resonator capacitor in the driven element of the yagi burned out early in the contest. In turn that blew five diodes in the linear power supply. Much to our own surprise it was repaired by Mark & Andy and was back on the air in less than an hour!

We only operated SSB. We came 31st in the world, 4th in EU005, with 650 QSOs 171 mults, and a final score of 898,776.

Call G4AXX. Operators; Graham G0UUS, Simon G4EAG, Andy G4KNO and Mark G4AXX.

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Mark G4AXX assembling the 15/20m yagi.

I guess Julia isn't interested in contest preparation today.

The scene across the Plextek car park. Note the 5-element 15/20m configuration.

Graham, G0UUS, on the spotting station, an Icom IC736.

Simon on the run station.

The run station, an FT1000MP and FL2100Z. The PC is running networked TR.

Simon with Graham in the background.

The burnt out linear resonator capacitor, no wonder the SWR on 15m was high.

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