M2000A - Greenwich

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Special event station M2000A. Celebrating the Millenium on the Meridian at Ranger's House, Greenwich.

I was invited to join the M2000A team by the Cray Valley Radio Society. They made me a temporary member to cover the formalities, such as insurance. I operated on two occasions, on the 3rd and 14th of January 2000.

The station was on the air from 1100z on 31st December 1999 until 1855z on 29th February 2000, and made over 47,500 QSOs with 202 DXCC entities.

More details are available on the official website at http://www.qsl.net/m2000a/story

Below are some of Rin's photos of this historic event, used here with permission (Tnx Rin JG1VGX/M0CFF).

Ranger's House with a tower on either side.

The entrance gate.

The approach road.

Ranger's House is exactly on the Greenwich Meridian.

Setting up one of the towers...

...and raising the antennas.

Antennas: 80m inverted V, 40m 2el, TH5, A3WS, 15m 4el & 10m 3el

Three towers were used, two for LF & HF, and ...

...this one on VHF. There was a 5 element beam on 6m.

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