IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 2000

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2-3rd September 2000, Debden Airfield, TL 559 348.

This was the first year we used a logger in SSB Field Day that used DXCC countries as multipliers. This substantially improved our mult score. How do G3GRS/P and G0SOA/P keep overtaking us on Sunday morning?

We used our club call M0CAM/P. The operators, Andy G4KNO, Mark G4AXX and Simon G4EAG.

We logged with NA, and made 636 QSOs, 2,639 QSO points and 137 multipliers for a final score of 361,543 achieving 3rd place in the Restricted section.

The site looking North East.

Anther view of the site showing the M100 tower at 60ft.

The Range Rover with pneumatic mast at 40ft plus extension to 60ft.

Note the way the Carolina Windom at 50ft is supported from 60ft to take the weight of the feeder baluns.

(L-R), Simon, Mark & Andy. Discussing whether or not to earth the tower.

Note the Stansted radar dish in the background. We EMC-tested the site before we first started using it to see if the radar could be heard in our receivers on HF, and our transmissions, using linear amplifiers, and beaming straight at the dish didn't affect the radar.

The Spotting Receiver Remote Filter Box & Balun. We kept it up off the ground because there are some rodents around who like to eat our cables!

Our station. Note the remote control on the right hand side for the Remote Fiter Box

Simon on the Run station, 80m late at night.

Simon (L) on the Run station, Andy (R) on the spotting receiver.

Our tents, and Peter's bike.

The certificate for 3rd place from the RSGB.

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