IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 2001

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1st-2nd September 2001, Park Farm, TL 521 451.

In this contest we changed the setup to comply with the new rules of "only one radio on the table". The new rules allowed connection to a source of external information feed (such as the DxCluster) so we provided our own networked spotting station.

The operator at the spotting receiver could select between a Windom and a vertical and the spotter was networked to the run-station using a 4m packet data link. The network was a NA serial network connected by two TNC's running in transparent mode. This mode was needed to support the 16-bit control characters used in the NA (proprietary) network protocol.

We logged with NA on 80-10m, and made 674 QSOs, 2,693 QSO points and 133 multipliers for a final score of 358,169 achieving 2nd place in the Restricted section.

The site lookong NNW. The tower on the left houses the run station. At the far end of the field is Colin's caravan housing the spotting station.

(L-R), Mark G4AXX, Simon G4EAG, Andy G4KNO.

Mark, Julia & Liam in the run station. Note the 4m radio & TNC on the shelf. It was a useful speech link as well as a TNC packet data link.

The rotatable double-extended Zeppelin at 50ft.

Close-up of the antenna, note the SGC autotuner at the feedpoint.

The certificate from the RSGB.

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