IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 2002

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7th-8th September 2002, Park Farm, TL 521 451.

In 2002 we put together a winning formula. For the first time we started using the Dx Cluster. Spots from an internet-connected PC at Mark's QTH in Saffron Walden, 6.2km away, were fed to the site on a 1200 Baud datalink on 70.425MHz. Special software was written by Simon G4EAG, to interface between the internet connection and a TNC.

The spotting station, housed in Colin's caravan, was networked to the run station with a WiFi link across the field. The separation between the run & spotting stations was about 150m.

The antennas at the spotting station were a Carolina Windom and a vertical with the remote filter box. The setup allowed in-band spotting. It worked very well, but perhaps even too well. It was noticable that some signals heard at the spotting station were inaudible on the Run station.

The weather was fine. Propagation was a lot poorer than in 2001. The contest went very smoothly and the packet link to Saffron Walden worked perfectly.

We logged with Writelog, and made 468 QSOs, 19,303 QSO points and 119 multipliers for a final score of 223,125 achieving 1st place narrowly beating the Wisbech AR & EC.

The scores for 2002 were a close-run race, the results table is shown below.

SSBFD02 Final scores announced on the RSGB members only website 26/2/2003

  Group 			Call 		QSOs Mults Final Score

1 Granta CG 			M0CAM/P 	468  119   223125 
2 Wisbech AR & EC 		M5ARC/P 	541  109   214862 
3 Echelford ARS 		G3UES/P 	546  102   212807 
4 Stratford upon Avon & DRS 	G0SOA/P 	473  111   207900 
5 Addiscombe ARC 		G4ALE/P 	381  103   155142 
6 RAF ARS 			G8FC/P 		401  84    139944 
7 KLADC 			GM0ADX/P 	391  78    112936 
8 Itchen Valley ARC 		G0IVR/P 	318  86    106080 
9 Chesham & Maidenhead ARS 	G3MDG/P 	349  91    105060 
10 Havering & DARC 		G4HRC/P 	371  77    104192 
11 Stockport RS 		G6UQ/P 		318  78    98406 
12 Kidderminster & DRS 		G0KRC/P 	255  61    60990 
13 South Essex ARS 		G4RSE/P 	241  58    40095 
14 Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC 	MM0CPS/P 	146  48    28106 

The Run station.

Receiving the G3PSH Memorial Trophy from Dr. Bob Whelan at the HF Convention in Manchester on 1st Nov 2003. (L-R) Mark G4AXX, Andy G4KNO, Bob G3PJT & Simon G4EAG.

The Spotter software.

The winning certificate from the RSGB.

For the record here's the history of the winners of the (John Coffey) G3PSH Memorial Trophy:

1990 Gravesend Radio Society GX3GRS/P
1991 Gravesend Radio Society G3GRS/P
1992 Gravesend Radio Society G3GRS/P
1993 Plymouth Radio Society G3PRC/P
1994 Plymouth Radio Society G3PRC/P
1995 Plymouth Radio Society G3PRC/P
1996 Stratford Upon Avon Radio Society G0SOA/P
1997 Stratford Upon Avon Radio Society G0SOA/P
1998 Stratford Upon Avon Radio Society G0SOA/P
1999 Gravesend Radio Society G3GRS/P
2000 Windmill Contest Group G3GRS/P
2001 Gravesend Radio Society G3GRS/P
2002 Granta Contest Group M0CAM/P unique visits since Nov 2005