IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 2017

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2-3rd September 2017, West Kington, Wiltshire.

BBQ and help:	M0MAT, M0WYB, M0WLF, G4NKT, G4WVB, G3YHV 
Operators:	M1DSE, G3TKF, G3XSV, G4FSU, G4AXX, M6KYB 
Equipment:	K3 and 2x IC7300
Logging:	N1MM
Category:	Low Power Assisted 
Antennas:	2x OB11 @20m, 40m dipole @22m, 40m Vertical, 80m dipole  

The results page from http://www.rsgbcc.org

.. and the scoring rates.

The Bristol CG is a big group and always starts the proceedings with a fine BBQ.

Dave thinks good food makes for a great contest.

The antenna switching with RK-226 6-Pack.

The antenna switching arrangement.

The view into the caravan.

One of the OB11 Optibeams and the 40m antennas.>

Ian G4FSU.

Optibeam with 40m horizontal dipole.

Part of the site.

The caravan.

The second OB11.

The site.

(L-R) Paul M1DSE, Ian G4FSU and Alan G3XSV. We used N1MM to log and a mobile phone to access the DxCluster.

(L-R) Ken M6KYB, Alan G3XSV, Ian G4FSU & Paul M1DSE.

My little tent.

The winning certificate collected by the Bristol CG from the RSGB meeting at Milton Keynes.

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