IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 1996

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7-8th September 1996, Park Farm, TL521421

Our very first contest.

From 100m ASL we had a good take-off to North America. The masts we used were Plextek’s 40ft Range Rover mounted pump-up +10ft extension, and a hired a 40ft lighting tower +10ft extension.

The antenna was a compromise, an unterminated Rhombic pointed at NA fed by 300 Ohm slotted feeder and a balun.

The equipment was Andy's IC736 and Plextek’s 2kVA generator. We logged with Super Duper, all the operating was from the back of a transit van with 1 operator and 1 logger.

We worked 437 QSOs, 72 multipliers making a total score of 137,808, putting us 15th in the Restricted Section.

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Forbes G1RII, Luke, Andy G4KNO and Nick G4IQR.

Andy and Nick.

Forbes setting up the Range Rover mast.

Luke watching.

Luke & David.

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