IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 1997

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6-7th September 1997, Park Farm, TL521421.

On June 21 1997, Mark bought an FT1000MP so we tried it out in SSB Field Day, hi.

Our antenna was a multiband doublet. This time we used the FT1000MP as the run station and the IC736 as a spotting receiver. We used a relay box with a 3dB power splitter to feed both receivers and used the MP's PTT to bypass the splitter on transmit and mute the IC736 using its PTT for protection. This meant the spotter could not receive while the MP was transmitting, a frustrating limitation.

For the first time we used an MFJ voice keyer. Logging was with CT, as a direct result of having visited and observed M6T in CQWW at Martlesham in 1996. We used two networked PC’s for autonomous operating and spotting. Luke (Mark's son), developed ‘TNC Echo’ a little QBasic program to reformat spotter Announcments as campus-derived spots which got fed to the CT Packet Cluster window of the run station. This enabled our first ‘point-n-shoot’ radio control operation.

We lost generator power in the middle of the night when the generator ran dry on oil! While Mark was sleeping, Andy & Colin went far and wide looking for a 24-hour garage to get some oil, an hour was lost. We've always taken a can of engine oil with us on every contest ever since. The strategy in this contest was to increase QSO-rate by changing the logger to a spotter.

The callsign used G4KNO/P. Operators were Andy G4KNO, Mark G4AXX, Colin G4CWH. Nick G4IQR helped set up but had other obligations over the weekend, so missed out operating.

We worked 423 QSOs, 100 multipliers, making a total score of 183,000, which moved us up to 4th position in the Restricted Section.

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Andy being watched by Luke. The transit van was our shack.

How many can you fit on top of a Range Rover?

Six, hi.

The pole support, ready on the ground.

As easy as it looks, a simple one-man lift.

Up she goes.

It gets easier near the top.

The lateral guy ropes stay taut all the way up.

Mark filling the generator.

What does Julia think of contesting?

Luke (11) with laptop.

The shack and antenna.

The multi-band doublet.

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