IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 1998

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5-6th September 1998, Park Farm, TL521421.

The antenna we used this time gave us a big advantage over previous years. On transmit we used the same multiband doublet as in 1997. It was supported at 50 feet between the Range Rover mast and the M100.

On receive, we used the properties of the skin-effect in coaxial cable, to use the outer braid of the doublet feeder as a 7MHz quarter wave vertical. This was matched on all bands 80-10m and band-pass filtered to the 2nd spotting receiver.

The strategy was to increase QSO rate further by enabling simultaneous spotting and transmitting on different bands.

Call G4KNO/P. Operators, Andy G4KNO, Mark G4AXX, Simon G4EAG and Nick G4IQR.
We logged with CT, and made 585 QSOs and 106 multipliers for a final score of 254,824 achieving 4th place in the Restricted section.

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