IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day 1999

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4-5th September 1999, Debden Airfield, TL 559 348.

This was the first time we used Debden Airfield. The site is a disused World War 2 airfield. Access to it is provided by the adjacent Carver Barracks, home of the Army's 33rd Engineer Regiment. We used a Carolina Windom for the first time. The Range Rover 40ft mast + 20ft extension and the Strumech M100 masts were used. Sagging in the centre of the Windom was avoided by having the masts either side at 60 feet with guys from the top supporting the feed point at 50 feet. This was necessary especially to support the weight of a choke balun in the feeder.

On receive, we again used the skin-effect of the vertical coaxial cable, with the Spotting Receiver Remote Filter Box feeding the spotting receiver station.

We used our new club call M0CAM/P, and the operators were Andy G4KNO, Mark G4AXX and Simon G4EAG.
We logged with NA, and made 548 QSOs, 2,287 QSO points and 110 multipliers for a final score of 251,570 achieving 2nd place in the Restricted section.

Photos of a setup almost identical to this contest are shown in notes on SSB Field Day 2000.

The certificate from the RSGB.

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