HF Transceiver

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General Coverage 0.1-30MHz
Triple Conversion 70MHz, 21.4MHz & 1.4MHz IFs
Modes CW, USB, LSB, AM & FM
Tuning Steps 20Hz, 5kHz, 12.5kHz
RF Power Output 10W
Transceiver 120mm(H) 300mm(W) 220mm(D)
Power Supply 80mm(H) 300mm(W) 220mm(D)

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Transceiver General view

and again..

Close-up of keypad & status LEDs

Close-up of S-meter

The Power Amplifier Deck

Plan view of Power Amplifier Deck. On the left is the 0.1-30 MHz 10W PA. On the right is space for the 4m and 2m PAs, one day....

The Audio & IF deck. This photo shows the 1.4, 21.4 & 70 MHz IF stages.

Plan view of the Audio & IF deck

The Power supply. This also houses a front-facing speaker, iambic keyer and HF bandpass filters

Close-up of the main power switch and the bandpass filter status LEDs

Plan view of the Power Supply

Side view of the Power Supply

Rear view of the Power Supply

Transceiver and Power Supply

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