N2PK Vector Network Analyser

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Frequency Range 50kHz to 60MHz
Dynamic Range 110dB
Power Supply 10-16VDC, 250mA
Configuration Dual fast detectors
Size 40mm(H) 160mm(W) 250mm(D)
Weight 960g

The N2PK Vector Network Analyser is fully described by Paul Kiciak, N2PK, on http://n2pk.com/

The configuration of this particular VNA has two fast detectors and an internal reflection bridge. Reflection measurements are made using the 1st detector and transmission measurements use the 2nd detector.

Many measurements documented on this website, e.g., Linear Amplifier, Attenuator, Baluns, have been made using this VNA, with either VNA4Win or Exeter software.

For more information there is a Yahoo! reflector for VNA users on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/N2PK-VNA/

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The complete VNA. The connector on the left is the Source for reflection and transmission measurements. The connector on the right is the Input of the 2nd Detector, for transmission measurements.

Inside view. The enclosure is a Hammond case type 1598FBK.
Click here for the datasheet (PDF 200kB).

Left to right, power supply, the first & second detectors and the bridge board.

The 5V regulator is a 10W switched-mode supply module click here for the datasheet (PDF 43kB). It runs at a fixed frequency of 440kHz with an efficiency of 76% with a 12V input.

Close up of the bridge board.

The power supply schematic, or click here for it in PDF format (12.5kB).

The front & rear panel artworks are drawn, in 1:1 scale, using Visio. The colour printout is plastic-laminated and fixed to the panels with aerosol adhesive.

The front panel detail.

The rear panel detail.

Circuit of the additional coupler to split the LO to the two detector boards. Click here for the TSC-2-1 datasheet (PDF 92kB). LO1 & LO2 output levels are both -6dBm.

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