Voice keyer Interface by G4AXX

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AF to MIC input 1200 Ohm, <1Vpp
AF from SPKR output 75 Ohm, <1Vpp
Power requirements +9V, 4mA from DVS2 connector
CW key parameters +4.5V pull-up by MP, 2.2mA sink

This voice-keyer-interface connects between a Yaesu FT1000MP and a PC's sound card & COM port. It can be used as a voice-keyer with Contest Voice Blaster and as a voice-keyer and CW-keyer with Writelog.

Opto-couplers and screened audio transformers are used to isolate the connection between the sound card and the MP. The RS232 interface is not isolated, it connects directly from the PC to the CAT port. The PTT and audio in and out on the DVS2 connector on the rear of the MP are used.

In SSB mode using Writelog there is a switch on the Voice Keyer to put the MP into either "Record" or "Play" mode. CVB does this automatically from the COM port on on the DTR line.

In CW mode with Writelog, configure SETUP|PORTS, select "CW on a COM port", and tick the box selecting "All mode PTT on CW port RTS".

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General inside view

Inside close-up

Close up of the side with the DVS2 cable connector and CW Key in & out.

Close up of the side with the sound card MIC, SPEAKER, COM port cables and MP CAT connector.

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