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Commissioning the 15/20m Yagi

On Saturday 21st of March 1998 a few of us got together to commission the dual-band 15 & 20m Yagi.

The first design for this antenna was a 15/20m 3-element yagi using relay-switched linear-resonator capacitors in each element. It was used in this configuration in WPX 1998.

By the summer of 1998 it had two more elements added to it, for 15m, and the relay switching was removed. It was used in this 5-element configuration, in IOTA 1998.

By the Autumn of 1998 it was put back to a simple 3-element 20m monobander with a gamma match. It was used in this, 3-element 20m-only configuration, in CQWW 1998.

1998 was a good year for contesting for us!

Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger picture.

Mark G4AXX & Andy G4KNO assemble the driven element.

Tightening up the driven-element clamps.

The yagi mounted on the Range Rover.

Mark adjusting one side of the reflector.

Left to right: Andy G4KNO, Mark G4AXX & Marcus G0IJZ.

The yagi up at 40 feet, testing SWR & front to back ratio.

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